We provide individually focused solutions to meet your lifestyle goals.

Our planning philosophy is to get the best outcome for you in the most straightforward way possible.

Strategy Advice & Tax Planning

Through strategic planning, we will help you understand where you are, where you want to be and what strategies we can apply to improve your position.


We will analyse your current situation and model various scenarios to provide solutions.  The aim is to maximise the probability of you achieving your goals and give you greater certainty in your financial life.


Our advice process can be extended and adjusted at future reviews to account for your changing circumstances.

Investment Planning & Portfolio Management

Through our relationship with the highly credentialled and experienced Madison Investment Committee, we apply a rigorous investment approach focussed on capital protection.  This approach is based on:

  • Taking your personal risk profile and investment needs into account,
  • The selection of high quality financial products,
  • Appropriate diversification and asset allocation, and
  • Moderate strategic asset allocation changes to take economic and market conditions into account.


We consider the following asset classes when constructing your portfolio:

  • Unlisted Wholesale Managed Funds
  • Unlisted Retail Managed Funds
  • ASX Listed Securities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Stapled Securities
  • Term Deposits & Cash
  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)
  • Direct Property
Retirement Planning

Planning ahead for your retirement is vital to reduce unnecessary anxiety and uncertainty about your future.  Our personalised advice process will help you work through decisions such as:

        • When would you like to retire?
        • When can you afford to retire?
        • What will retirement look like for you in terms of lifestyle and expenditure?
        • Would you be happy to work part time in retirement if it would help you cease full time work sooner?
        • Would you like to assist other family members and can you afford to?
        • Would you like to leave capital to your estate or would you prefer to maximise your lifestyle instead?
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Personal Insurance Solutions

Protecting the lifestyle and assets you have built through hard work from unexpected illness or injury is a vital component of a good financial plan.  Having a comprehensive personal insurance portfolio in place will protect you and your family from unnecessary hardship in the event of death or disability.  Serious illness or disability can strike anyone with little or no warning and most of us would know someone who has had their lives turned upside down as a result.  How valuable would it be in this position to know that your debts and your lifestyle will be taken care of?


Our insurance planning focusses on the following:

  • Cover for your lifestyle
  • Cover for your debts
  • Cover for your family
  • Cover for out of pocket medical expenses
Aged Care Advice

Moving into an aged care facility is often an anxious time for our clients and their families.  Having professional guidance during this emotional time is invaluable when tough decisions need to be made, such as whether to retain the family home and which aged care facility to move into.  Once we’ve helped clarify your true financial position, we’ll help you determine what options you have and explain them to you in a clear and understandable way.


There’s a lot to think about, and working with an experienced professional will help you understand how best to structure your finances to get the best outcome in terms of both your care and your financial position.

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Estate Planning Guidance

Good estate planning will ensure the smooth transfer of your wealth to your beneficiaries while avoiding unnecessary tax and costly disputes.  It is also about ensuring your wishes are met. Estate planning is more than simply writing a Will and depending on the complexity of your affairs, an estate plan may incorporate the following:

  • Nominating a trusted person to act on your behalf if you are unable to manage your own affairs (via a power of attorney, guardianship or an advance-care directive)
  • Creating trusts or other structures to protect assets and reduce tax
  • Ensuring that control of structures already in place such as trusts, self managed super funds and family companies passes to people you trust
  • Providing for young children and / or loved ones with special needs
  • Protecting your inheritance from your beneficiaries’ creditors or future relationship breakdowns
  • Charitable giving – whether through one off gifts or the use of charitable trusts or foundations